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We hope the following points will be helpful, but if you have a query that isn't addressed here please phone or email Duncan for more information. For your convenience, you can download this page as a PDF here.


  • For invitation, envelope and place card inscriptions, Duncan normally requires 1 - 2 weeks notice, but urgent requests will be given priority whenever possible.


  • Place card inscriptions can be left until 1 - 2 weeks before your wedding date, since guests can be notoriously slow to respond. Even if your guest list is incomplete, Duncan can make a start on the majority, then inscribe new names whenever you forward them to him.


  • Table Plans can also be left until 1 - 2 weeks before your wedding date. But, as with place cards, Duncan can make a start on the artwork even if your guest list is incomplete. All he needs are names of bride and groom, venue, date, table names or numbers, and table positions. Guests can be added or amended on an ongoing basis right up to (almost) the last minute.  


  • Please complete a separate name list for each stationery item, heading each list with a title, eg ‘Day Invitations,’ ‘Day Envelopes,’ ‘Place Cards’ etc. For information on preparing an effective guest list please click here.


  • Guest lists should be typed or word-processed (preferably not hand-written which may create errors resulting from illegibility).


  • Please ensure that length of guests’ names is in relation to the amount of space available on the invitation, abbreviating where necessary.


  • The inclusion of a few extra stationery items is appreciated. Unused items will be returned.


  • Black ink will be used on all stationery items unless otherwise requested. Other colours are available — please ask.


  • Wherever possible, please avoid addresses of only three lines on envelopes. Add a fourth line by including the post code or county — this will enhance the appearance of the completed envelope. But, wherever possible, please try to keep the maximum to five lines to prevent overcrowding.


  • Due to the UK’s notoriously changeable weather, Duncan always addresses envelopes using water-resistant ink. It is worth noting that not all calligraphers provide this service as standard.


  • Stationery items can be posted to Duncan (recorded or special delivery recommended) or sent by courier. Please use appropriate protective packaging to avoid damage. If delivering stationery in person, please call Duncan in advance to make arrangements. Where we have to return stationery by mail, postage will always be charged at cost and not arbitrarily inflated.

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